Latest malware protection methods

This article will aligned for you the different method that you should consider today in order to protect yourselves agains online virus attack. Different judicial, educational and technical methods are used to protect computers from malicious programs and computer fraud. All of the countries that can be considered as having joined the digital revolution have passed laws that forbid the writing and distribution of viruses and other types of malicious program. Very often cybercriminals are

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F-secure 2


If we want to analyse the Pros of this antivirus, we would say it includes parental controls. But as Cons this software isn’t very effective at detecting Mac and Windows malware threats. F-secure Antivirus is an internet security program that comes with an extra tool to protect you against hankers. Unfortunately, it didn’t do so well at detecting malware threats in independent testing. This software is designed to work on both PC and Mac devices.

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bitdefender 2


AV-Comparatives, one of the most respected security software testing labs, subjected Kromtech Mac Keeper to a rigorous test suite in the autumn of 2012 in which Mac Keeper achieved a perfect score. Unfortunately, two years later Mac Keeper detected just 80 percent of 65 Mac malware samples during the AV-Comparatives test. In the same test, Mac security software from Bitdefender, Intego, ESET and Kaspersky turned in far better Mac malware detection rates ranging from 97

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intego 1


The idea that Macs are immune to malware is incorrect. You need Mac security software such as Intego Mac Internet Security to defend against viruses, Trojans, spyware and worms. Intego includes a two-way personal firewall to defend against intrusions and threats. It also protects you from phishing frauds. Though some threats may not cause damage to Macs, they can still be stored on your system and passed on to friends and co-workers. Real-time malware protection

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eset 3


Hackers no longer ignore the Mac operating system. The larger user base is just too tempting. Fortunately, many antivirus tools are now available for the Mac OS. ESET Cybersecurity for Award. But when even consider Mac OS X antivirus? Even though OS X is infused with security systems and there is far less Mac malware than Windows malware, all it takes is one successful Trojan such as Flashback to compromise hundreds of thousands of Macs

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