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Hackers no longer ignore the Mac operating system. The larger user base is just too tempting. Fortunately, many antivirus tools are now available for the Mac OS. ESET Cybersecurity for Award. But when even consider Mac OS X antivirus? Even though OS X is infused with security systems and there is far less Mac malware than Windows malware, all it takes is one successful Trojan such as Flashback to compromise hundreds of thousands of Macs in the click of a one-button mouse. ESET’s antivirus software for Mac can help you avoid becoming a statistic. Most online gambling sites has a protection.

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It includes a thorough list of useful features, but more important is the fact that it detects threats with a high degree of accuracy and does so without slowing system performance enough for you to notice.


ESET is one of the best Mac antivirus products because it is effective. For example, when the respected independent software lab AV-Comparatives tested Mac antivirus software in July 2014, ESET Cybersecurity for Mac successfully stopped 100 percent of 65 Mac malware samples. It also dominated results at tests conducted by AV-Test in September 2014, where it was one of 18 Mac security software contestants subjected to Mac malware samples like casino joka. One of the detection tests exposed ESET to 117 malware samples during normal on-demand scanning. Another detection test measured how well the application caught infected files while in background mode as the testers copied 84 infected files from one folder to another. The result was that ESET detected an astonishing 99.1 percent of the malware samples,see this for more info .

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Of course, given enough time, any virus scanner for Mac might tune into the presence of most malware. But your productivity on that machine would suffer while you waited. That’s why AV-Test also devised a way to test performance. After establishing a baseline or reference for comparison by clocking how long it took to copy 7.3GB of data on a computer without Mac virus protection, the testers then duplicated the test with security software installed and active. The test took 17.2 seconds without a virus scanner. When AV-Test installed ESET and repeated the test, it only took 19 seconds. In other words, the presence of ESET slowed the host operating system performance by less than two seconds, a lag that nobody would notice.

The combination of high rates of threat detection without slowing system performance is evidence of ESET’s efficiency. By way of comparison, there were products among the 18 tested that took longer and discovered fewer threats. One of the competitors required 40 seconds, for example. Another took almost eight minutes and still didn’t achieve ESET’s detection levels. Eset antivirus has been proved to be one of the best protection system around, confirmed by many users of

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In addition to its high detection rates and good performance, ESET is one of the best virus protection products for Mac because of its comprehensive feature list. Its antimalware feature is not just for Mac malware. It also stops Windows malware from passing through your computer so that you don’t infect Windows users downstream from your Mac. It doesn’t matter whether the malware uses the internet, email or attached external drives, this software will intercept it. It also shields you from spam and spyware. But antiphishing is perhaps the most important feature that ESET includes. By alerting you about websites known to trick people into revealing sensitive personal data, it protects you from yourself. Because the Mac has such excellent internal security mechanisms, the easiest way for hackers to exploit Mac users is by tricking Mac owners, something far easier to accomplish than hacking the operating system. ESET, along with most of the Mac antivirus software in our review, helps you to steer clear of such dangers.


Access to ESET support is by email or telephone, not online chat. Help is available a generous 12 hours per day on weekdays, but not 24/7. If you would require access to help on any day and at any hour, then perhaps ESET would not be right for you. But keep in mind that some competitors who provide more access to support do not have products that can match ESET’s malware detection rates or its minimal effect on system performance.


What ESET offers to Mac users is a brand respected by information technology professionals. The software is an astounding performer with an extensive list of useful features. It competes at the head of its class at detecting Mac and Windows malware and does so without noticeable lag in system performance. More importantly, it alerts you to dangerous websites with reputations for tricking folks into revealing personal information.