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The idea that Macs are immune to malware is incorrect. You need Mac security software such as Intego Mac Internet Security to defend against viruses, Trojans, spyware and worms. Intego includes a two-way personal firewall to defend against intrusions and threats. It also protects you from phishing frauds. Though some threats may not cause damage to Macs, they can still be stored on your system and passed on to friends and co-workers. Real-time malware protection occurs in the background as every file is scanned when it is created, saved or copied. While the always-on background scanning helps keep you protected in the moment, you can also perform manual scans at any time to uncover threats anywhere on your Mac. This is the case many casino en ligne use in their Mac computer in order to be protected. The on-demand scanner can search for malware in any file, folder or volume, including archived files or mounted drives. In fact, the Intego Mac virus protection software detects mounted drives automatically and initiates a complete scan. Intego protects quite effectively. For these reasons and many more, Intego Mac Internet Security wins the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award in the best antivirus for Mac product category.
intego 2Intego Mac Internet Security also has a complete set of monitoring tools that let you supervise network traffic. The traffic monitor can be viewed a number of ways, including dynamic bar charts or up to 12 activity gauges. You can even display the traffic monitor (three distinct views) directly from the Mac OS X Dock. Like most of the products in our review, this software scans external devices to check for threats.
You can reach Intego customer support in English or French for example check Answers to frequently asked questions are online along with invitations to upgrade or renew your license. The latest downloads are easy to find. An extensive knowledgebase, expertly compiled and up to date, is online. Every manual is also available for you to download. If you discover malware, you can submit it to the intego Malware Research Team with an upload link on the Intego support site. A resource centre shares tips and tricks.
You need to protect Macs nowadays. Intego internet Security for Mac protects against malware and gives you control over security at the network level. In addition to defending against malware, Intego protects against phishing attacks, scareware and spyware. Independent test labs such as AV-Test and AV- Comparatives acknowledge the efficacy of Intego for protecting Macintosh computers from attempts at security breaches. It is no wonder, then that Intego competes among the best virus protection products for Mac. With privacy protection, you can also use the Data Vault to prevent sensitive information from leaving your computer. For example, you can enter your credit card number, social security number or other sensitive information and the software will restrict users from accidentally revealing this information online.

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When AV Comparatives, the respected independent security software test lab, worked with Intego in July 2014, the application found every Mac malware sample in the test. And when AV-Test, another respected independent test lab, included Intego in a suite of tests in August 2014, Intego detected 98.3 percent of the threat samples and did not slow host system speed to a degree a person could detect. Intego’s ability to protect against phishing attacks is perhaps even more important than Intego’s antimalware protection because hackers are increasingly exploiting the human factor, rather than attempting to breach operating systems like casino en ligne.
This best-of-breed Mac antivirus software includes both on-access and on-demand antivirus protection from viruses, Trojans, spyware and worms. It analyses applications as they run to see if they act like malware. Intego Mac Internet Security is able to detect and defend from all sorts of malware, including keyloggers, hacking tools, dealers, scareware and spyware. The application’s ability to clean Windows malware in addition to iOS malware means that your Mac is less likely to transmit infections to your Windows-using friends downstream.

Intego’s proprietary Net Update application makes sure that you get the latest updates and virus definitions quickly and automatically. Updates are small and shouldn’t slow down your system. Innovative Surf filters protect you from web threats like phishing, malicious sites and annoying ad banners. You can also use the Cookie Filter to manage which sites are allowed to send and receive cookies. Closely related, the antivandal component of the Mac antivirus software blocks intrusion attempts. If one of these attacks does occur, the blocked address is added to a list to prevent future attacks. You can also designate specific trusted addresses if you know they’re safe.
Installation is easy and without confusion. Intego features a pleasantly useful interface. You can manage connections with specific applications to prevent users from accessing specific locations with privacy protection.